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800 percent increase in suspected overdoses in Wakulla County

2024-03-12 Sara Toler Prevention Services

Kenzie Krueger at WTXL informs the community that there has been an 800% increase in suspected overdoses in Wakulla County. Stacey Bian shares what DISC Village is doing to prevent this number from increasing further.

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DISC Village provides free fentanyl test strips to the community

2023-07-06 Sara Toler MAT Services

Florida has legalized fentanyl test strips allowing for statewide access to a potentially lifesaving tool.

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Community Resource Fair

2023-05-25 Sara Toler Human Services

A Family Reentry and Wellness Fair was hosted by the Big Bend AFTER Reentry Coalition (BBARC) and Leon County Sheriffs Office on May 13th.

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Community Xylazine Warning

2023-05-04 Sara Toler Human Services

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has issued an alert regarding the threat of fentanyl mixed with xylazine.

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Warning of Spike in Suspected Fentanyl Overdoses

2023-04-27 Sara Toler Human Services

After responding to five fentanyl-suspected drug overdoses in the last month, Sheriff Walt McNeil warns Leon County about the risk of fentanyl-suspected drug overdoses.

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Leon County Sheriffs Office Spotlights DISC Village

2023-04-12 Sara Toler Human Services

Our Operations Director, Jennifer Travieso, sat down with Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil to inform our community about what we do at DISC Village.

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Doors open for fighting addiction

2023-04-10 Sara Toler Human Services

For the time being, its 5,500 square feet of space so new and unused you can smell the fresh paint and freshly laid carpet inside, and eye the brownish squares of sod and spotless asphalt parking spaces outside.

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DISC Village Community Spotlight

2023-04-03 Sara Toler Human Services

DISC Village Community Spotlight: Mike Ortoll, a Florida State University alum, and filmmaker Tim Searfoss are spreading awareness about substance use in two documentaries.

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Collegiate Recovery Program at FSU

2023-03-29 Sara Toler Adult Services

The Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness at Florida State University has started a collegiate recovery program for students.

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Substance Use Support

2023-03-27 Sara Toler Adult Services

Finding help should not be hard. We are here to help those in the Big Bend area.

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Drug Free America Foundation Highlights Health Equity for Women

2023-03-15 Sara Toler Adult Services

In their newest video, the Drug Free America Foundation addresses the stigma that women face when seeking help.

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Our setup for free NARCAN stands

2023-03-08 Sara Toler MAT Services

WTXL writes an article on our NARCAN initiative to provide Naloxone to the rural communities of North Florida.

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How Our Staff Helps Treat Substance Use in North Florida

2023-03-01 Sara Toler Adult Services

Finding help for substance use and mental health shouldn’t be hard.

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Alcohol, Drugs, and Suicide in the U.S and Florida

2023-02-14 Sara Toler Adult Services

Alcohol, drug, and suicide-related death rates are rising in the U.S. and ultimately cost 186,763 American lives in 2020.

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Franklin County News - Fighting for our lives

2022-11-02 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

With a rise in overdose deaths from opioids continuing to plague Franklin County, educators, law enforcement officials, health experts and substance abuse organizations have brought the fight home by taking it to the schools and the streets.

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WFSU - DISC Village now has more resources to prevent fatal opioid overdoses in North Florida

2022-10-13 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

Opioid overdoses are on the rise in North Florida. To help its victims, the regional drug treatment program called DISC Village is making more life saving antidotes available in the communities it serves.

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Be the one to KEEP THEM SAFE. #BeThe1To

2022-10-08 Hunter Murphree Youth Services

Help your friend connect to a support system so they have others to reach out to for help; whether it is 800-273-TALK, family friends, clergy, coaches, co-workers or therapists.

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WTXL Tallahassee - Offerring Free Narcan kits to the public

2022-07-18 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

Travieso is the director of Disc Village facilities. They are upping their response by providing Narcan kits to the public. DISC Village has been around for 50 years and in all eight counties in the Big Bend. They provide prevention, treatment, and recovery services for those struggling with addiction.

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Tallahassee Democrat - We have the resources to combat fentanyl abuse

2022-07-17 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

Fentanyl related overdoses are plaguing communities across our country. This troubling trend is now affecting many people right here in the Big Bend.

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WCTV.tv - DISC Village gives free treatment across the Big Bend to prevent fentanyl-related overdoses

2022-07-15 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - In light of recent fentanyl-related overdoses in the Tallahassee region, DISC Village is informing locals of the free life-saving medications that are offered at their locations around the Big Bend.

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My Sun Coast - Rural Florida county shocked by fentanyl deaths over holiday

2022-07-07 Hunter Murphree MAT Services

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A small, largely rural county west of the Florida capital experienced an unheard-of spike in deadly drug overdoses believed to be caused by fentanyl over the July 4 weekend, with nine people dying in the latest sign that a national crisis is becoming even more far-reaching.

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Neiborhood Medical Center, Inc - DISC Village Is Helping People Change Their Lives | Mrs. Lisa Sherry Interview

2022-05-25 Hunter Murphree Adult Services

Lisa Sherry is the new Community Outreach Coordinator with DISC Village. She has worked in the field of Social Work for 34 years. The majority of her career was spent in juvenile justice with over a decade working for state government and two decades working in the non-profit sector as the supervisor of the Leon County Juvenile Assessment Center/Juvenile Services Unit.

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Substance Use Trend Alert

2021-10-02 Hunter Murphree Adult Services

Recent data shows a steady increase in the use of deaths involving the use of stimulants.

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World Suicide Prevention Month

2021-09-03 Hunter Murphree Adult Services

Suicide is preventable. If you think someone is struggling, reach out and let them know they are not alone; today and everyday. #BeThe1To If you or anyone you know is struggling, call Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK any time, day or night.

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Juvenile Justice Roundtable

2021-08-12 Hunter Murphree Youth Services

The DISC Village team participates in a Juvenile Justice Roundtable on WFSUs Perspectives, a weekly community affairs radio show in Tallahassee, for a robust discussion on the state of juvenile justice in the Big Bend and across Florida.

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WTXL Tallahassee - DISC Village counselors ready to help Leon County students with familiar unkown

2020-08-28 Hunter Murphree Youth Services

Experts in Leon County are preparing to nurture your childs emotional well-being while they get their education.

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