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Peer Specialist - Franklin

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As a Peer Specialist, you will work directly with clients as the navigate their journey to recovery from substance use disorders. As the clients direct support, you will be available to them at any time to ensure they have the support they need to find recovery. You will assist clients in navigating care from counseling sessions to medical appointments or any other assistance they need to support their recovery. This position requires a high level of communication and organizational skills as well as the ability to connect with clients from different backgrounds.


Minimum certification by the Florida Certification Board or an individual who has direct personal experience living in recovery from substance use conditions for at least 2 years with a minimum of one (1) year work experience as a peer recovery specialist. Recovery Peer Specialists are allowed one year from the date of their employment to obtain certification through the Florida Certification Board. A valid State of Florida Driver’s License is also required.

Salary Rate

$18.00 per hour