Juvenile Assessment Center

The Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) was established in 1995 in collaboration with local and state government bodies and non-profit organizations to provide prevention, intervention and redirection services for youth that have been arrested.

The Multidisciplinary staff offers comprehensive screenings and assessments to identify individual placement needs for youth to deal with struggles leading to arrest. Our information clearinghouse offers a library of educational and informational resources to youth and their familes.

  • Drug Screening | Offering a variety of drug screenings for youth who are at risk or have a history of substance use.
  • Case Management | Identifying service recommendations and accessing additional resources within the community.

Secure Booking

As a secure receiving facility, the JAC utilizes the Department of Juvenile Justice's (DJJ) Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI) to determine the process of release for each individual booked. The DRAI utilizes a scoring matrix based on the youth's charge, prior history, and current level of supervision. to determine whether the youth will be released to a parent/guardian or to DJJ's secure detention facility.‚Äč

The JAC operates under the policies and protocols established by the Department of Juvenile Justice is therefore required to release youth booked within the screening facility within six (6) hours of arrival.