Selected Family Interventions

Our Family Centered Approach

Selected Family Interventions (SFI) recognizes the diverse needs of the families across our community who may have been impacted by trauma within the home. This twelve (12) to sixteen (16) week, free in-home program offers comprehensive counseling services to encourage behavior change, improve emotional regulation, and enhance communication for caregivers and their children.

Our family-centered model incorporates a framework of core interventions for at-risk families that addresses difficulties related to

  • Substance Use
  • Mental Health
  • Anger Management
  • Parenting
  • Self-Esteem

Strengthing Families

Our trauma informed assessments and interventions are designed to support the child's continued placement within the home while developing healthy family dynamics. Counselors utilize Evidence-Based, harm reduction strategies to enhance the strengths and protective factors of family members and educate caregivers on ways to foster their ability to provide care.

We partner with Child Protective Investigators and Dependency Case Managers to reduce the number of out-of-home placements and rates of re-entry into the child welfare system.


  • Adult caregivers and children 8 years of age and older;
  • Referral made by Child Protective Investigator (CPI) or Dependency Case Manager (DCM);
  • Cases from investigations must be safe but high or very high risk; exceptions can be made to the risk level if the caregivers have documented mental health or substance use disorders;
  • Cases from dependency can only be accepted once the reunification process has started.

What Should I bring to my next appointment

  • Information about prescription medications you are currently taking.

What to expect at your first appointment

  • Your counselor will meet you at your home or other community location of your choosing.
  • Your intake session will last a minimum of one (1) hour.
  • Your counselor will review the SFI program, outlining its risks and benefits, your rights and responsibilities as a program participant, and expectations of the program.
  • You will complete intake paperwork and surveys that will better assist your counselor in understanding your personal needs and the needs of your family.
  • Your counselor will complete a comprehensive assessment with you composed of questions related to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, your family, social support network, physical health, and your school or work history.