Making the Connection

Making the move from a therapeutic community back into the real world can be a challenge - managing the stress of a job, a family, and bills all while staying focused on your recovery. Having the opportunity to put into action the skills and strategies learned in Residential Treatment programs while still having access to our therapeutic interventions can make all the difference.

Salvita gives women the opportunity to use the tools they developed in our residential treatment programs in their day to day living before transitioning back into their community. Residents receive support and assistance with:

  • Job Searches
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Job & Life Skills Training
  • Adult Education Courses

Residents at Salvita House are encourage to continue working towards and maintaining their goals of treatment by engaging in:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Case Management
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Activities